The satisfaction and fidelity of the final customer is our maximum objective.

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For years, our team has managed to understand the needs of the industry and create reliable products to serve them.

AF Naturdevise Worldwide anticipated the need of a market that came to specialize in a part of the manufacturing process, so a team of professionals specialized in R&D had to be born to offer this service to the industries.

R&D is our core business, so we outsource the rest of the activities.

We offer finished products of very high quality, effective, innovative, natural and adaptable according to the needs of each industry.

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Numbers speak for themselves

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Quality comes first! We make sure that every detail is analyzed while manufacturing.


We have developed totally new products that meet market needs: 100% natural aromas together with the technology and technical support to apply them, 100% natural preservatives for human consumption, products that allow to match the quality of the wine between crops and increase the quality of them, 100% natural correctors for early ages in animal feed that allow to eliminate antibiotics, 100% natural anti fungal for the agricultural sector, 100% natural preservatives for cosmetic sector, anti splash for the paint sector, anti fatigue pills with coenzyme Q10 highly available, … .

first the QUALITY

AF Naturdevise Worldwide is committed to offer products of the highest quality, maintained over time and between batches. If we are not able to guarantee it, we do not market it.

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AF Naturdevise Worldwide S.L.U.

Our mission is to develop innovative 100% natural products that respond to a market and offer a better health for everyone.

Address: C/ Tecnología 17, planta 0. Edificio Canadá, 08840, Viladecans (Barcelona)

Phone: (+34) 93 647 64 09

Email: [email protected]

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