Optimized & industry-ready SolutionS

Feed sector

100% natural substitute of antibiotics for starter and pre starter feeds (respiratory processes), natural product for topical application for the treatment of fungal affectations and exudative epidermis (porcine), natural product for application in feed or water route that improves the rate of transformation, natural product of application in channels of the slaughterhouse that manages to eliminate the bacterial load improving the microbiological quality later.

Optimized & industry-ready SolutionS

Food sector

100% natural antibiotic and anti fungal applicable in all types of products, natural product for packaging fresh meat that reduces exudation, natural aromas together with technology/advice for its application in sectors such as pasta/rice/legumes/sauces, natural corrector for the wine sector that homogenizes quality between harvests and manages to increase the quality of the wine, … .

Optimized & industry-ready SolutionS

Nutraceutical sector

Anti fatigue tablets with highly bioavailable coenzyme Q10, natural antioxidants of last generation, encapsulation.

Optimized & industry-ready SolutionS

Agro sector

Natural anti fungal, natural product of application in irrigation that increases the number of crops in artichokes, natural product of external application in fruits that increases shelf life avoiding weight loss and fungal affectations.

Optimized & industry-ready SolutionS

Cosmetic sector

Anti fungal natural and anti oxidants of last generation for the cosmetic sector

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