AF Naturdevise Worldwide S.L.U., as a team of professionals specialized in R&D, we develop and market 100% natural ingredients for different industrial sectors.

Our principles of action are:

  • Ensure at all times compliance with the specifications of our product, the requirements of our customers and those defined by the applicable legislation and regulations, especially those related to food safety.
  • To obtain the maximum satisfaction and loyalty of our clients, prioritizing the development and commercialization of natural ingredients, in order to promote the development of healthier products.
  • Offer effective, safe, innovative, high quality products and aimed at the needs of the industry.
  • Continuously improve our products meeting the needs of the market.
  • Collaborate closely with our suppliers to develop agile and effective processes.
  • Control all processes in order to ensure safety and minimize the risks associated with our products.
  • Preserve natural resources and minimize the generation of waste, as well as the efficient use of raw materials and energy resources in our activities.
  • Ensure ethical behaviour in all our actions. Promote diversity and equal opportunities.
  • Promote the training, awareness and motivation of our team.

This policy is complemented with the objectives of quality and food safety approved annually, and is available to all our stakeholders through publication on our website.

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